December 8, 2011

Happy Holiday! It's the time of giving (again)

Happy holiday! As the holiday season draws near, this year is coming to an end. It has been a fun and exciting year. So many great things happened so fast that I feel like just moments ago I was doing this for 2010.

As what we've done previously, we encourage you to share the joy and happiness by donating to the charities I support in honor of me. You can show your loyalty and admiration, and do something really awesome the same time.

Last year, we donated over $3,000 to Wikimedia Foundation and other charities, by donating $100 of every session and advertisement proceeds in December. It had been so successful, so we decided to double our effort this year. We'll donate 200% of the proceeds of advertisement on to Wikimedia Foundation. And for every sessions in December, we'll donate half the tribute to a charity of your choice.

This year might have been a hard year for many charities, as the economy contracts. I'm hope by doing our parts, we can support them.

Happy holiday!

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